Love is a gift of one's inner most soul (drklib) wrote in askthevet,
Love is a gift of one's inner most soul

ball python

im new here so let me do a little intro: im typically a dog person, but my boyfriend loves snakes. he had two- a ball python (monty) and a red corn snake (shela). i am not a snake person by any means. my boyfriend is in the navy and had to move back onto his ship, so he asked if i would house the snakes. so i said sure. the corn snake died this week, of what i have no idea. anywho- my question regards the ball python. his belly is a little pink, mostly pink towards the last part of his body. he occassionally lays rather close, or on top of, the heating pad thingy of the tank (sorry for my lack of snake vocab). we also fed him a week ago. i researched online and a site mentioned that a ball pythons tummy turns pink after being fed. is that true? he seems rather healthy. he slithers around when out of his tank and all that snake stuff. i just want to make sure im not on the verge of killing his other snake =(

thanks so much
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