Tynkrrbell (tynkrrbell) wrote in askthevet,

Excited little hamster!

I'm hoping someone out there can help. This isn't a medical question per se, but a behavioral question. My daughter is fostering a hamster for her teacher this summer: a cute little gal (yup, we checked after we noticed a drop of blood, and found that she was a mestruating gal, poor thing!), that we all adore. She didn't come with much, just a wire cage with one of those grey school tubs for the base, and some food. We wanted to take great care of her and treat the teacher: they get paid so little and it's nice to be able to help out a bit, so we invested in a really nice Habitrail (brand) cage that's half plastic, half wire (to allow for air and a bit of climbing on the walls). We've noticed that she likes to pee as she's going through the tubes, getting the inside of the tubes all ucky, and even leaking onto the furniture that her cage is resting on. Is there anything we can do to teach her not to do this? Would it be better if we just put bedding in all the tubes, or would she just pull it out or slide on it and not be able to make her way up to her loft and "space restaraunt"? Is this a common problem? I just assumed that she would only go where the bedding was, but apparently that isn't the case, and can't help but picture her getting all excited about taking ajaunt up to her little loft and peeing on the way! We hate the messy clean-ups and smells from her peeing in the tubes even once!

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