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Request for guidance

We have two 14 yr old cats. One seems well, the other is having trouble, both have developed a problem. The male has lost about half his weight (he was rather stout) and has taken to frequent vomiting - which are not furball related. Both have lately taken to relieving themselves on our bed, and on occasion on the carpet. It has become rather frustrating. We recently had a new baby in the house, and have lost an income to boot. With finances tight we are hesitant to take them to the vet. We cannot afford expensive treatments till the income evens out. Our cats are like family, but the baby HAS to come first. I am afraid we will be told the male has diabetes or worse. IF I took them to the humane society they would likely be put to rest. We are besides ourselves. They both look and behave as if healthy otherwise, but if the answer is cancer or diabetes (as we have been told it looks like - not by a professional) we simply cannot afford the treatment and the poor thing will likely be put to sleep.

What to do?
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