Stella Bella (ohayobunnies) wrote in askthevet,
Stella Bella

My cat :(

My cat has been sick for a little over two weeks, and I'm really worried about him.
It started out as eye gunk, first in one eye and then in the other to the point where they were almost sealed shut.
That has almost gone away completely, and there's only a bit of it now and then.
However, now he's severely lacking in energy and all he does is sleep all day.
The only times he gets up is when he goes to eat/drink/go to the litterbox.
He does show signs of alertness- for instance, when he see's the other cat wandering about he always sits up to watch him, and when someone enters the room he picks his head up to see who it is.
He just seems so depressed!
When the other cat goes outside he goes with him for a bit and sits on the porch and watches him.
He spends most of his time sleeping though :( and seeing him this way makes me really sad!
My mom says that he's depressed, and he has had some behavioural issues - I mean, he's always been a pretty withdrawn and quiet cat, and he had this thing where when he got worried or right before he'd go to sleep he'd suckle on stuffed animals or soft, furry robes (we adopted him at 5 months).
He's seven months old and I just feel like he should be energetic.
The only reason we haven't taken him to the vet is because his eyes got better and we thought he would too.

What could be wrong with him?
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