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Pray For Us!

Hi everyone, i've been a member here for a little while, and have talked to a few of you here. I'm here to ask that you pray for our baby ack Cat. She's one of 7 babies that we have, and about a week ago we noticed she was limping. Then we noticed a large (egg-sized) lump on her thigh muscle. We took her to the vet Friday and they need to do a cytology on her, and then we can go from there. Problem is, the exam is $137.30 and we don't have it. If anyone knows how to come up with quick money fast, please let me know.
She turned 6 in April, she's in good spirits, she's eating good for me, she just kinda lays on the bed and isn't as active as she was a week ago. She plays and her eyes are bright, she shows no sign of sickness except that the top of the mass seems to hurt or be uncomfortable for her. It hurts me to see her like this.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?
Please pray for us!

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