aprochingnormal (aprochingnormal) wrote in askthevet,

Miss Zoe Jane the Rat <3

Hi everyone,
I just joined this group today. It's in reguards to my new baby rat (Zoe Jane). I bought Zoe about a week ago at petco as a gift for my boyfriend. She is really energenic and I love  having her around to talk to. I have personally never owned a rat before but my boyfriend has. And when we first interacting with her we noticed she tended to sneeze alot. But when we put her back it calmed down. She is very nice with the both of us and will come if we call her. But as of recently she sounds like she is weezing? Its not a constant thing. Her breathing is fine. But when she sneezes it sounds like she is congested or something. We use carefresh bedding and we are concerned that might be the reason she is sneezing. I really need your help because i have become very attached to her already and i would hate for something to happen to her. :'(

Thank You
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