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So last November, a lot of you might remember our kitty Crack-Cat had her right hind leg and part of her hip and mammary amputated due to a fibrosarcoma that had spread into her hip. She's doing just fine, as rambuntious as ever, but for a few months, my fiance and I have noticed she's gotten a rash, or something on her. You can feel around her neck area especially, it looks and feel like it's scabs, especially on her neck and behind her ears (the one she can't scratch anymore on the right side), and it's spreading to her hind end. They don't seem to itch her much or bother her, excpt she's always trying to scratch the spot she can't get to anymore since she had the surgery (you can see her lead her head back and try to scratch behind her right ear, but the only thing that happens is you see the muscle twitch where her leg and hip used to be, but we have to scratch behind that ear for her, whcih we don't mind at all :)
She's due for her regular checkup in a few weeks, but I just wanted to know if any of you had experienced this rash/scabby type thing before??
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