seedsofbigapple (seedsofbigapple) wrote in askthevet,

Cat Troubles

Subject line sounds like boyfriend troubles, hmm?
Well, it's worse. It's my cat, and at 15, she's my kid, my sis, and one of my best friends at once rolled into an adorable, frighteningly smart and arrogant Tonkenese package. Am I pussy-whipped? Heck, yeah!
Well, and there's my problem. She's been mistreated by her former vet to a point of congestive heart failure and deep-seated pneumonia. I blame myself for not catching the signs in time, but what point is there to bitch about it now?
She is now completely OK as far as heart is concerned -- she's on two blood-pressure/diuretic meds -- and her kidneys are doing just fine. Same could not be said about her lungs, and though symptomatically, she seems to be getting better on baytril, last time we took X-rays (for the first time since we started intensively treating her 2 months ago), the left lung worsened, leading the vet to suggest lung cancer. He is hesitant about chemo - no point, he says, and it might yet be pneumonia, and mainly, he is afraid of a biopsy so as not to cause pneumothorax.
Please, anyone, tell me you know something that could help? Anything? Anyone? Herbal? Radiation? ANYTHING!
Thanks in advance for any crumb!
X-posted all over the place. Guilty! :-)
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